Types of Dances We offer



We teach a wide range of dances at Arthur Murray in Vancouver including, but not limited to:

  • Argentine tango

  • Ballroom dancing

  • Country western

  • Fox trot

  • Hustle

  • Salsa dancing

  • Swing

  • Waltz


Types of Lesson


Weekly Parties

Join us to dance and socialize at our Weekly Parties. Arthur Murray’s Vancouver dance studio opens its doors to students, giving you the opportunity to dance with various partners. You will get the chance to practice different dances and patterns you’ve learned in your private and group lessons. Above all you will get the chance to just enjoy dancing in a fun and comfortable social setting.


Group Lessons

Practice patterns and timing, gaining muscle memory for essential dance moves at our group lessons. During our group lessons, you will have to opportunity to meet other students while developing good dance habits. You may be taught new material in these group lessons that your private dance instructor has introduced to you yet. These group lessons will also give you the chance to review and practice material you haven't already learned in your private lessons. See our class schedule to see when the next group lesson will take place.


Private Lessons

During private lessons, you will receive one-on-one personalized instruction. Arthur Murray students will learn above movement, leading or following, and the character of dance. You can bring a partner if you wish. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced dancer, our private lessons are designed to ensure you experience the “feeling and abandon” of good dancing.



Wedding Dance

Our talented and experienced instructors will guide you, your spouse and/ or your parents in developing an elegant dance routine that matches your styles, preferences and skill level.  At Arthur Murray Vancouver, we put to ease any worries you have and ensure your first dance at your wedding is memorable for yourself, your spouse, your family and your guests!

We recommend that couples and parents who are interested in wedding dances start lessons about 2 months in advance to become familiar with their personalized dance routine.  Therefore, your imagination can come into reality.